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Make Call Centre feedback more interesting

So you’ve collated all the audio recordings from your telephone surveys and isolated the snippets that are the most interesting and relevant to your research. You’ve created an awesome presentation, which looks beautiful and you’ve added those audio files to the slides on your debrief. That’s it, job done, deliver the presentation, send the audio files to the client and take the money. Or is it?

Creating value

There is another way. Not only can you collate, identify and provide call/contact centre recordings for your clients, but you can also provide them with tangible and engaging material which your clients can feed into their customer segmentation and training programmes.

Your clients will be impressed at the additional value they receive from your research. Providing recordings of customer segments that can be used to train and improve their overall contact centre customer experience. They’ll also be impressed with you and your commercial awareness of the challenges they face. You’ll also walk out of the presentation high fiving and chest bumping each other, ok, you probably won’t but you get the general idea.

Diving deeper

Using animated characters to illustrate the customer also allows you to create compelling animations around the IVR experience, linking customer segments and real-world audio to particular stages in the IVR journey. This enables you to produce a telephone customer journey animation that allows your clients to use in their own internal presentations and training material.

What we do

Well first of all, we’ll try to improve the quality of the call recording. Removing the hiss, crackle and pops from the audio file and boost the audio levels. In most cases we do make significant improvements to the quality of the recording.

Secondly, we identify and create the customer characters that typify the call recording type. Our clients can select one of our pre-created characters or provide graphics of their own that we will ‘rig’ (prepare for animation). You aren’t just limited to illustrative characters, we can also lip sync audio to static photographs of customers.

Finally, we export each recording as a seperate video file using yours, or the clients branding. We can also provide you with a single video containing all of the clips with title seperators, or produce an animated journey for your client to self syndicate throughout their business.

I hope you find this article of interest to you and your business, please do email us with us with any questions that you may have.

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