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Understanding Millennials

Animated infographic

Understanding Millennials is a short one minute animated video we have put together which introduces a number of facts about Millennials and their media viewing habits in a fun and engaging way.

Created using our pre-rigged animated characters, the video incorporates animated characters with walk cycles, holding objects and we also introduce some 3D animated numbers.

The ability to use animated characters to create a limitless number of scenarios provides researchers, customer experience experts and data analytics bods with an accessible resource to create compelling stories around their data and insights.

When applied to Customer Journey Mapping outputs, the ability to recreate ‘Pain Points’ or ‘Moments of Truth’ at a specific touchpoint or particular stage with animated characters in situ. The stage or touchpoint is illustrated and conveyed more powerfully than a simple¬†paragraph of text.

Check out some of our other content, we create bespoke animated outputs for clients and approach each project with a blank page and open ears.

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