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Millennials are the workplace shapers

Millennials in the Workplace

There are many articles about the Millennials on the internet and many are quite disparaging about this latest and largest generation of consumers. However, we wanted to take a quick look at their Workplace facts. As let’s be honest, they are going to dominate businesses moving forward.

We’ve taken a number of facts from leading companies and put them together in this short animation for your viewing pleasure.

In some respects, I’d hope that Millennials will see this animation, although that depends whether you believe they are so narcissistic that they won’t have time to see anything apart from there own selfie reflection.

It is interesting that these are the first generation to have unlimited access to information and social media and in some respects, they are the generation that makes video their preferred way of consuming information. In this respect we love Millennials.

Video taking over

These connected consumers, consume video at an incredible rate and with the advances in technology, bandwidth and encoding, it is undoubtedly going to be an integral part of business communication in the workplace.

Animated video can be great for summarising your business reports, creating shareable media for your key partners and stakeholders. Or as a more cost-effective way of learning by creating animated software ‘walk-throughs’. In terms of Customer Insights and Segmentations, animated video allows an endless list of opportunities and creativity.

Finally, animated video is great for social media and content marketing, we hope that you are visiting because you saw our animation on your twitter timeline (we’ll check the analytics)

So thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy the animation

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